Psalm 12

Lord, prove Your words to us. Take care of the afflicted and needy, that our generations may see...


Psalm 11

Lord, let our children not learn to love violence, but Your peace.

Psalm 8

When in a plane, the most wonderful screen you can stare at, the most entertaining, soul-reflective screen is the one that reminds you of your true size: the window. The God of the universe cares for you.

Psalm 5

Monday mornings can be rough. But if we are in the practice of ordering our prayers to God and eagerly watching, the whole week can have new meaning!

Psalm 3

Yes, this is a sock puppet I made years ago, one of a set of two with which a friend and I did a brief children's ministry stint. We named our socks Frodo and Sam. And yes, he took this sock all the way to New Zealand where the Lord of the Rings movies were …