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We Must Answer Wellwe must answer well

In an effort to answer questions asked by teens regarding gender identity, this series looks at the lives and writings of 5 people: John the Baptist, Jesus, Peter, Paul, and the writer of Hebrews.

Trinitydghdelgado moses

What starts as an attempt to prove Jehovah’s Witnesses wrong, leads to a search for evidence of the Holy Spirit as a person of the Godhead–in the Old Testament!

Faces of Jesusis that jesus d.g.h.delgado

An honest, broken journey of encountering the homeless in our city.

Holy SpiritHS fire d.g.h.delgado

Current sections include: “Don’t Witness Naked,” “…And the Holy Spirit Air-dropped In,” “The Unbreakable Net in Which You Are Caught,” “Pierced to the Heart… ‘What Now?'” “Don’t Forget to Invite Mr. Earthquake,” “Thanks for the Strange Old Story, Mo’,” “Moses’ Birthday Wish,” “Gift from God? What’s the point?” and “Don’t You Trust Jesus?”

Scriptures to Prayscriptures to pray d.g.h.delgado

Current sections include: “Does God WANT to Answer Prayer?” “When We Don’t Know Where to Start,” “Scriptures to Pray for Family,” “Scriptures to Pray for Anyone!” “Jesus Drove a Hotrod,” “Under Attack? Stand Firm Together,” and “Be Encouraged by the ‘In'”