Dear Disney, regarding Star Wars VIII

Dear Disney, I'm going to stall for a bit in this letter so that those who have not yet seen the film won't accidentally read any "spoilers". I'll start with the compliments. You kept John Williams as composer. Most wise. In buying the StarWars franchise, you acquired yet another Disney princess. She fit all your …


How Do WE … Come To Jesus?

To want forgiveness without being willing to repent is like clinging to the outside of the ark, holding your breath, still in love with everything that’s underwater. John’s “bear fruit in keeping with repentance” calls for change on the outside--change even AGAINST what the culture has come to accept as The Way Things Are.

What’s in John’s Name?

Herod and Herodias were a family. One family member was willing to listen to John, the other wasn’t. God’s law is like that. Some people can’t stand it, while others are curious and actually like to hear it. Herod liked listening to John.