I Don’t Care Flag

It’s the “I DON’T CARE” Flag

Find yourself stuck in a conversation that won’t end?

Simply download these “I Don’t Care” flags to your phone (crop images to fit your screen) and wave the one that best expresses your level of desperation.

“We’ve been here before!”

i don't care flag on moon d.g.h.delgado

“It doesn’t matter if we EVER get here!”

i don't care flag on mars d.g.h.delgado

“This conversation is a BLACK HOLE for my SOUL!”

i don't care flag black hole for my soul d.g.h.delgado

“It’s too late–I’ve already left the universe.”

i don't care flag i've left the universe d.g.h.delgado

Don’t worry. Action is required.

When it’s this bad, you can’t concern yourself with whether or not you’ll offend people.




Advisory: I DON’T CARE FLAG is a registered trademark of Dave Delgado and, although free to use, is prohibited by U.S. Federal and State law for use in courtroom cases, jury screenings, and parent/teacher conferences. Similar restrictions apply in Canada, however, in no case is it required by Canadian law to apologize for standard usage if all parties are equipped with phone capabilities.

i don't care on mars_bak


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