Psalm 27: Hide and Seek Tickle

Have you ever played Hide and Seek Tickle? Here's what you do: the adult hides, and all the kids search for the adult, but separately. The kid who finds the adult gets pulled into a tickle hug and isn't let go until the other kids come running to the rescue. Then all the kids get …


Psalm 26: Where Your glory dwells

There is something about "being in God's presence"--that moment of spiritual awareness of Him--that one cannot forget. For me, it has mostly come, like the psalm writer says, when I have been in a place where crowds of people have stood, or bowed, or sang, or shouted His attributes: His praiseworthiness, His goodness, His justice, …

Psalm 25

...and after Ps 24, when we recognize God as creator, redeemer, friend and King, our souls trust in Him, we feel His forgiveness, and we are able to receive His instruction and live humble before Him. God, may our families and communities receive Your word and instruction with humble hearts.

Psalm 23

One of my favorite pictures, and combined with the 23rd Psalm and where we were in life, this moment is a forever-memory for me of God shepherding our family.

Psalm 22

Jesus cries out from this psalm while on the cross. The whole psalm not only has foreshadowing and direct prophesy, it declares : "It will be told of the Lord to the coming generation..." What God has done will be told. Lord, let it be told to the coming generation!  

Psalm 21

I really enjoy these Psalms that hint at Jesus and what He does for us. I can't imagine being the guys who got these glimpses of Christ revealed to them the Spirit. May our kids have revelations of Christ's 2nd coming!

Psalm 18

(Can't tell you how many times we sang this growing up in church. Might even have been the first church song I learned how to play.) Lord God, be exalted and be blessed, for You alone are worthy of praise. You have saved us from our enemies, and are the Ever-living One.