Psalm 17

Thank You, Lord God, for Your paths, and as we tread upon them may our feet be secure. Thank You for the privilege of calling upon You and being heard by You.


Psalm 16

This verse is awesome. Peter preaches from it in Acts 2. The Lord did not allow Jesus to undergo decay, but raised Him up. He also will not abandon our souls to death, but raise us up!  

Psalm 14

Lord, may we not entertain the thoughts of the foolish and may we ever be thankful that You sought us out so that we might seek You. A strange verse to teach our kids, yes. Except that Paul uses it later to show that none of us prove ourselves by seeking after God. It is …

Psalm 13

May our children find that even when You seem far away, that their hearts remember what You have already done and that they rejoice in You. It's hard when God seems distant. Maybe because we grow up hearing He's always there. How do we teach our kids to trust He's there when it doesn't feel …

Psalm 8

When in a plane, the most wonderful screen you can stare at, the most entertaining, soul-reflective screen is the one that reminds you of your true size: the window. The God of the universe cares for you.