Psalm 26: Where Your glory dwells

There is something about “being in God’s presence”–that moment of spiritual awareness of Him–that one cannot forget. For me, it has mostly come, like the psalm writer says, when I have been in a place where crowds of people have stood, or bowed, or sang, or shouted His attributes: His praiseworthiness, His goodness, His justice, His mercy, His unending love. That is what “church” means for me; a gathering for the purpose of declaring God and experiencing His presence communally.

And yet, I also love what the psalm writer says here: “me”. Over and over, it’s “me”, it’s personal. I love Your house. I shall praise. And so I have also experienced God’s presence just me, all alone–yet not alone.

Lord, may our families be allowed to continue declaring You, whether at a church or a home, and may You respond to us.

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