Collecting 150, a school day morning devotional plan

I have tried. Maintaining a regular devotional schedule is hard enough, but to do one that your kids will want to do with you… I’ve bombed out.

Trying to do devotions during breakfast feels rushed. Everybody wants to get ready for the rest of the day, make the bus, etc. Whatever it is, it’s got to be quick.

And then there’s shooting to hit all levels of understanding. Will a first grader and a high school student both listen? Will it seem relevant?

I’ve tried.

The New Plan

Finally, I’ve come to realize I need to do what matters to me. I, Dave, have wanted to make it through the psalms and collect verses to learn. So I’m doing that.

But rather than keep the verses to myself, I’m collecting them with photos that mean something to us as a family. Then I’ll put the photos and scripture on the TV screen with some music in the morning. My kids, at their own time, can come to the living room, see a picture of themselves or a place we’ve been, and read a piece of a psalm.

Hopefully, we’ll get some natural conversation out of it.

Maybe they’ll have a quiet time of sharing memories with God.

Either way, I will try to put up a psalm for every day they are in school.


I’ve realized I can easily recycle this devotional. What I share at home can be much more personal than the one I’ll share here, simply by swapping photos. And as time passes, I can update the photos.

I’m encouraged. I hope it works. September 4th, here we come!



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