of (notebooks) and workbenches


After my first street preaching trip as an adult, I felt that I wanted to present less of my own words and thoughts. I wanted more Scripture–lots more. If possible, I didn’t want any of it to be my own words. Not that I think it’s wrong for people to share the gospel any other way. I just wanted Scripture.

I made my early morning reading a hunt through the Bible. I prayed and asked God to lead me to verses as I read through the whole Bible. I had about a year before the next trip, so I pushed through (skipping genealogies) and took notes on my computer.

After about six months, I had composed a ten page packet and I wanted to memorize it! So I recorded myself reading the Scriptures and put the recording on my iPod. I’d listen to myself as I drove to and from work. Yeah, it was a little weird to be listening to my own voice coming through my stereo, but at the same time it felt good to hear me reading Scripture.

Then I began copying the verses into pocket-sized notebooks that I would then carry around with me at work. When the bell rang and my class filed out, I’d pull out a notebook, take a quick look at a page, maybe read it over for a minute, then prep the next class or stand in the hall and watch students pass.

It was the hardest thing in the world for me to look kids in the face everyday and say nothing about Jesus… Especially as I was keeping the Scriptures fresh in my mind, waiting for the next summer trip to come.

And that’s how I got started on mini notebooks. Collect some verses, drop them in my pocket, pull them out when I could. Oh yeah, it’s addictive.

So addictive, I’m going to start putting my notebooks online. I don’t want to loose them. I already lost a few here and there and it feels awful. But online? They’re there forever.

I’ll start with my street preaching notebooks. And yes, there’s a little ‘Fire and Brimstone’ in them. If you find that off-putting, wait until the whole notebook/packet is up there and it’ll feel more balanced.

These notebooks? They’re like a workbench in my life and in my heart. A place of time and dedication and focus. I hope that sharing them is helpful and encourages us to get to work!



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