TshirtDad: Lunch Interrupted

Super quick.

I had just posted on FB that I was about to make a bagel sandwich using the leftover ham from our Canadian Thanksgiving, and I was about to make it when


“Hi, Dad? Can you pick me up from school. I almost sprained my ankle.”

It’s Princess. She sounds hurt, but not too hurt.

You could stay at school. There’s just two hours left. “Are you okay? What happened?”

“I fell off the zip line and landed wrong. It really hurts.”

And then I decide, You know what? Yeah, pick her up. Hang out.

So I drive on over, sign her out, and watch her hobble out to the car. “Do you want me to carry you?”

She laughs and smiles that Dad-you-can’t-be-serious-you’re-going-to-embarrass-me smile. So I don’t.

We come home and I take a chance to pray with her about some stuff. She’s been really having a sucky time at school recently, getting headaches, kids not being friends, loud classroom, all that stuff–and she’s been wondering if she really believes in God anymore. So I offer to pray with her, not to force the issue, but just to have that calm space.

We stand and hold hands in the driveway, praying for her mom’s next job and a few other things she’s worried about.

And then we go inside and I grab a stick-like ice pack from the freezer, wrap the ice pack in the tail end of a towel and jam it in her sock. She laughs again.

“Well, are you going to hold it there?”

“No.” She lies down on the couch and starts to pull out her lunch. “Daaaaad?”

“Yeah?” I say, turning on the frying pan. (Oh, and this is how you make this sandwich: bagel, toasted, buttered and grilled in the frying pan; thick slices of cheddar cheese; chunky ham, grilled; add scrambled eggs).

“Dad, my cucumber slices are all brown.”

“I didn’t pack you any cucumber slices.”

“Yes, you did.”

“No, I didn’t. Do you mean the ones from last Friday?”

“No.” She opens the lid to show me.

The cucumbers are nasty brown and the middles are wilting away from the skins. “Yeah, those are from last Friday, sweetheart. Did your lunch get interrupted? Did you forget to eat them?”


You can just say you don’t like cucumbers, you know. 

The cucumber slices take a trip down our toilet bowl water slide.

“What are you doing?” Princess hops into the kitchen and then asks if she can help crack the eggs for my sandwich. “I love cracking eggs.”

My sandwich ends up delicious.

Princess gets a cutting board, rests a knee on a chair, and cuts herself an apple. “Just like you taught me, Dad.”

“That’s right, away from your fingers.” My sandwich is so yummy. “You know what you need? You need a glass of chocolate milk. Where’s the syrup?”

“Oh, I know!” and she limps off to the cabinet with the dishtowel hanging out of her sock.

Stay safe, stay dry, stay healthy, learn something



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