Reboot: Where have all the posts gone?

I can’t help but have a messy desk. Or desktop. I used to say that it all started during my first year of teaching when the Christian school I worked for decided to rent out the building on weekends and I’d come in Monday morning only to find that someone had moved items around on my desk and so I had decided that my best self defense was to have a desk that was so covered with notepads and clipboards and loose papers and graded and un-graded tests that no one would dare touch it because everything would slip and fall to the floor. I know it was a great idea because it worked and I still knew where everything was. But since my skill for memorizing locations of what would appear to others to be randomly placed items was already thrivingly developed, it must have started long before then. College dorm? The laundry heap? Nah. I bet it has something to do with elementary school desks and those enormous “pencil boxes” they made us keep. What a misnomer. We should have called them our “pencil/glue/scissors/crayons/sharpener/scraps-of-notebook-paper-fringe/gum wrapper boxes.” I never liked that. I wanted my crayons separate.

This blog reboot comes not as a middle school locker purge, but like a recognition of which of my shop tools bear my greasiest fingerprints.

First, this blog and website: And The Darkness Fled. I’m stoked about having finally finished my book about our missionary adventure and I’m now on the hunt for a publisher. (Beware, Publishers. This story will get ya!) I’ve posted part of my book proposal on my website. Feel free to comment and share.


What about all those TshirtDad and Jesus of Miracles posts?

I need them back for a while. I’ve got another story I’m about to light up on the back burner and they need some sifting and reshaping.

So… in all things, may we see our Jesus stories.
Peace in Him,


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